Deep BW61: Creating an Process that consumes an External Web Service

In this quick post we are going to explain how to configure and develop a simple BW6 process that only invoke an external Web Service, because one of the comments you told us in the blog. Continue reading


Invoking a Secured Web Service from TIBCO BW

In the previous post we are discussing on how to secure a Web Service we are implementing using our TIBCO BW technology, but now we are taking a look to the other side of the game, we are going to discuss how to invoke our secured service by a TIBCO BW development, so the first thing we have to do is read again the previous post and get the secured service working in our TIBCO Administrator server. Ok, let’s go to the fun! Continue reading

Comparative between SOAP palette and Service palette (I)

When you are facing the problem or the need to provide a Web Service implementation using the SOAP protocol with the TIBCO BW technology you have to make a important decision. What component are you going to use the Soap palette or the Service palette. Continue reading

Applying Security in Web Service with TIBCO BW

In this post we are going to learn how to apply security policies to our TIBCO BW WebService using the Policy palette that we have in our TIBCO Designer software. First of all, we are going to share some resources to get the basic knowledge for this post: